Mg51 — day 1 preliminary start board, debug equipment, test whether each function module works normally


Add related serial port (ch340 COM3)

Full board data list


Communication with PC was established successfully

Equipment list


Successfully installed driver, impulse, test components


T (temperature) witnessed the change of air conditioning room temperature

K (keyboard) stands for key value

Change the circuit, plug the jumper to switch the stepper motor circuit

And download the relevant program

Stepper motor (different from the market “motor” DC motor) is an extremely accurate component, its accuracy reaches 1 / 2 ^ 12th power (4096) s

Accept, work normally

Start learning lesson one

Inner OS: God Gamma How could you say it’s time to start a class again??? I hope that my traveling piggy can not delay the class and be happy and happy

And, strive not to affect the 14 day plan!