Method of setting fixed IP address in win10 system


How to set fixed IP address in win10 system? Here is the operation method. Let’s learn!

Method / step

First, we right-click the network icon in the lower right corner of the computer, and click to open “network and Internet settings” as shown in the figure.

In the network and Internet settings window, click change adapter options.

This is the time to enter the network connection interface! We need to find the set network, that is, the local network. Right click and click properties.

Here we double-click the Internet IPv4 option, as shown in the figure.

At this time, we directly input a LAN segment and click OK.

To determine if a LAN is connected, we can ping the IP address. Pictured


1. When opening the network to set up IP, pay attention to the local connection.

2. Note in the Internet IPv4 option that if the DNS service is not set, it means that it cannot connect to the external network.

3. Check whether the LAN is connected. You can use the ping command.

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