Method of saving multiple pictures in one PDF document by MAC


We often encounter such a situation, that is, how to save multiple pictures in the same PDF document. In fact, the solution is very simple. The following editor will introduce this method and its advantages to you. Users in need may as well take a look.


1. Open multiple pictures you want to merge in preview.

2. Select file and print selected images in the menu bar

3. In the pop-up dialog box, select “PDF” and “save as PDF” in the lower left corner

4. Then fill in the file information in the pop-up dialog box, and encrypt the PDF file.

At this point, a collection of pictures on the production of a PDF file, really convenient!


1. Good compatibility (both PC and MAC support PDF)

2. The generated file is not easy to be tampered with

3. Clean and beautiful;

4. The volume is relatively small;

5. PDF file can be encrypted!

The above is the method of saving multiple pictures in a PDF document, and the advantages of this method. Interested users can try this operation method.