Method of Object Mapping Using AutoMapper in. NET CORE


brief introduction

AutoMapper uses a fluent configuration API to define an object-object mapping strategy. AutoMapper uses a convention-based matching algorithm to match up source to destination values. AutoMapper is geared towards model projection scenarios to flatten complex object models to DTOs and other simple objects, whose design is better suited for serialization, communication, messaging, or simply an anti-corruption layer between the domain and application layer.

Official website:



Platform support:

  • .NET 4.6.1+
  • .NET Standard 2.0+


Nuget installation

AutoMapper. Extensions. Microsoft. Dependency Injection // Dependency Injection into AutoMapper requires downloading the package.

Add AutoMapper to Startup

public void ConfigureServices(IServiceCollection services)
 // Add support for AutoMapper

Create AutoMapper mapping rules

public class AutoMapperConfigs:Profile
 // Add your entity mapping relationship.
 public AutoMapperConfigs()
  CreateMap<DBPoundSheet, PoundSheetViewModel>();
  CreateMap<PoundSheetViewModel, DBPoundSheet>();

Insert your IMapper into the constructor

IMapper _mapper;

public PoundListController(IMapper mapper)
 _mapper = mapper;

Single Object Conversion

DBPoundSheet dBPoundSheet = _mapper.Map<DBPoundSheet>(model);

Conversion of Collective Objects


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