Method of Docker Query or Obtain Mirror in Private Warehouse


Doker queries or retrieves mirrors in a private repository, using

docker search

Commands are not well tested.


1. Get the mirror image of the warehouse class:

[[email protected] docker]# curl -XGEThttp://


2. Get a list of labels for a mirror:

[[email protected] docker]# curl -XGEThttp://

{"errors":[{"code":"NAME_UNKNOWN","message":"repositoryname not known toregistry","detail":{"name":"image_name"}}]}

[[email protected] docker]# curl -XGEThttp://


[[email protected] docker]#


PS: View all the labels of the mirrors in the Docker Mirror Warehouse



curl -s ${repo_url}/${image_name}/tags | json_reformat | grep name | awk '{print $2}' | sed -e 's/"//g'

In fact, the implementation method is to query through the restful API of the mirror warehouse, then simply process the returned JSON results, and print them out.

The implementation of the above script is to query only from hub. docker. com. If you use other warehouses, you can modify the URL of the warehouse as needed.

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