Method of displaying Chinese when FreeBSD mounts DOS partition


– L Specifies character encoding:
mount_msdofs -L  zh_CN.GBK /dev/???  /mnt
mount_ntfs -C GBK

The following tools are maintained by Chinese in ports. They are very useful.
Tool location: / usr / ports / SysUtils / relaxconf
Some scripts included here can simplify your work:
Automatically select and load your sound card. If you don’t know which module to add to / boot / loader. conf, you can execute this script. Of course, you can add this command line to / etc / rc. local and run automatically every time you start.
Automatically find and mount all FAT32, NTFS, RersierFS, Ext2FS partitions locally. The mounted directory has two parameters under / mnt: ro is mounted read-only and RW is mountable writable. It can also be placed in / etc / rc. local to start automatically mounting all locally supported partitions.
Mobile disks can be mounted automatically.
This is naturally the automatic uninstallation of mobile disks.
Set up the network by menu.
This script can automatically configure your Xorg as a dialog menu.
The above scripts support the Chinese locale interface.