Method of creating Linux daemons by. Net core 3.0 webapi



Generally, we can execute dotnet < app on Linux server_ assembly.dll >Command to run our. Net core webapi application. However, the application running in this way is very unstable. After closing the terminal window, the application will also stop running. In order to make it run stably, we need to make it become the system’s daemons, a service that runs in the system all the time, and can restart when there is an exception.

Linux system has its own daemons management tool SYSTEMd. SYSTEMd is the first user process after the kernel starts, with PID of 1 and is the parent process of all other user processes. It interacts directly with the kernel and has excellent performance. It can provide many powerful functions for starting, stopping and managing processes. We can give the program to SYSTEMd and make the system unified management and become the real system service.

Systemctl is used to manage the behavior of SYSTEMd, replacing the previous systemvinit and upstart.

Create service file

To create a service definition file:

vim /etc/systemd/system/qf-intecabinet.service

Here is a sample service file for the application:

Description = run Qf.InteCabinet service

Workingdirectory = / opt / intecabinet ා depends on the environment and can specify multiple
ExecStart=/usr/bin/dotnet /opt/InteCabinet/Qf.InteCabinet.WebApi.dll
# Restart service after 10 seconds if the dotnet service crashes:
User = root # the user who manages the service. The user must exist and have the ownership of the correct application file
Environment=ASPNETCORE_ Environment = production ා environment variable

WantedBy=multi-  #The target where the service is located

management service

Save the file and enable the service

systemctl enable qf-intecabinet.service

Start the service

systemctl start qf-intecabinet.service

View service status

systemctl status qf-intecabinet.service

view log

journalctl -fu qf-intecabinet.service

You can reduce the number of entries returned by using time options such as — since today, — until 1 hour ago) or a combination of these options

journalctl -fu qf-intecabinet.service --since "2020-01-01" --until "2020-03-01 12:00"

Shut down the service

systemctl stop qf-intecabinet.service

reference material

Microsoft official documents

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