Method for setting automatic connection after disconnection of wireless router by computer


Nowadays, the use of wireless networks is very popular. Almost home users who set up networks will buy and install wireless routers, which can enable laptops, tablets, mobile phones and other devices to surf the Internet through shared WiFi. However, in the process of use, it is inevitable to encounter network disconnection. Therefore, according to this situation, the system city Xiaobian will introduce the method of setting up a wireless router in the computer to automatically connect after disconnection.

1. Open the browser, enter or (depending on the router model) in the address bar, and enter the password to log in to the router configuration management;

2. Click “network parameters” – “WLAN port settings” in the left menu;

3. Enter the online account and password. This password is the account and password left by the operator when installing the network, so you must remember it firmly;

4. Below you can see “please select the corresponding connection mode according to your needs”, then select the option of “automatic connection, automatic connection after startup and disconnection”, and then click the “save” button below;

5. After setting, you can view the detailed operation status of wireless routing.

The specific settings of different routers will be different, but the overall setting methods are similar. You can refer to the above methods to set the automatic connection mode of wireless router in the computer.