Media reports | the pattern and victory of pingcap in the era of enterprise open source software


This article is reproduced from the official account of Shen Yao’s technology observation, WeChat public.

There is no doubt that there are two important trends in the global basic software industry: on the one hand, “software now devours everything”, and every company is becoming a software company; On the other hand, “open source is swallowing everything”. More and more companies are embracing open source and using open source software.

Under this background, open source distributed database has become the best choice to match the digital transformation of enterprises in the era of comprehensive cloud. According to the data, the traditional commercial database market will decline by 20% to 30% by 2021, which is corresponding to the rapid growth of cloud database. According to Gartner’s prediction, by 2023, 3 / 4 of the global databases will run on the cloud.

Media reports | the pattern and victory of pingcap in the era of enterprise open source software

Pingcap, founded in 2015, is one of the outstanding representatives in this wave of open source and cloud database. Recently, pingcap announced that it had officially completed round D financing of US $270 million, which once again created a new milestone in the history of global database.

So, why is this enterprise level open source distributed database company, which has only been established for five years, frequently “sought after” by investors? Behind this, what are its unique technical advantages and core competitiveness? More importantly, what important value and Enlightenment has pingcap brought to the industry by its breakthrough and innovation in the field of basic software in China?

Era of enterprise open source software

We know that no enterprise’s road to success is flat without twists and turns. At the same time, it is difficult to find the “standard” answer from textbooks. In other words, you must have the courage to pick the rose on the edge of the cliff before you are qualified to get a pass on the road to success.

Reviewing the development process of pingcap in the past five years is undoubtedly the best confirmation of the above statement. For a long time, in the development process of China’s science and technology industry, the core basic software field has always been a “short board”, especially in the database market. Due to its late start and no major breakthrough in technology, it is difficult to obtain the trust of the market and customers, resulting in the “monopoly” of this market by foreign brands for a long time.

How to break this bottleneck? Pingcap’s approach is to promote “open source” as the company’s core strategy from the start-up, because they firmly believe that open source is the best way to achieve worldwide success in today’s basic software field. Its core product tidb also adheres to being a new generation of distributed open source relational database. After five years of polishing, a new generation of distributed “newsql” represented by tidb With the birth of database, pingcap has become the first representative company in the world to run out of the open source distributed database track with new modes, new thinking and new ways.

Media reports | the pattern and victory of pingcap in the era of enterprise open source software

According to Liu Qi, founder and CEO of pingcap, “we have always insisted on open source. Finally, this has become a label of pingcap and a label that can’t be torn off.”   In fact, pingcap not only said so, but also did so.

For example, tikv was originally designed and developed by the pingcap team as the underlying storage engine of tidb in January 2016. The first version was open source in April 2016. In August 2018, it was announced to be accepted as a sandbox cloud native project by the CNCF foundation and was launched in   From sandbox promotion to incubation project in May 2019; In September 2020, tikv became the official graduation project of CNCF, which is also the only database project led by Chinese people at the forefront of the international open source community.

In addition, the cloud native chaos engineering platform, chaos mesh ®️, It also officially entered in July this year   The sandbox hosting project of CNCF is also the second project accepted by CNCF and founded by pingcap team. end   At the end of December 2019, pingcap jumped to the sixth place in the CNCF global contribution list, ranking first among Chinese enterprises.

Similarly, the unprecedented prosperity of cloud has also brought great impetus to the development of pingcap. The first thing to bear the brunt is to promote the efficiency of pingcap’s technological innovation. Cloud is a typical technology driven product, which can enable pingcap to achieve better rapid delivery and complete iterative innovation; Second, the value of the cloud is not only reflected in its ability to provide lower cost and better agility, but also makes pingcap’s global development path possible. It can be said that pingcap has achieved rapid growth by taking advantage of the cloud.

As Liu Qi said, “we believe that kubernetes and cloud will become more popular in five years. Whether it is public cloud, private cloud or hybrid cloud, pingcap has realized seamless compatibility with different clouds in architecture, which is the differentiated advantage of pingcap compared with other products in the market.”

From the computing era 30 years ago, to the Internet era 20 years ago, and then to the mobile era 10 years ago, Chinese science and technology enterprises have repeatedly missed opportunities in core technology, especially in the field of basic software. Under the background that open source and cloud computing have become the general trend, pingcap has not only grasped the dividends brought by this era, Through continuous technological innovation, it has realized the “counter attack” of the market and firmly occupied a “place” in the global enterprise open source distributed database market.

Interpretation of pingcap growth password

So, in just five years, pingcap has grown from scratch, and tidb has become an international top open source distributed database project led by Chinese people. What is the growth password behind this? We can observe from three aspects:

First, it is pingcap’s long-term adherence to strategic determination. As mentioned above, pingcap has chosen the track of open source distributed database since its inception, and raised “open source” to the height of the company’s strategy, which means that pingcap is fighting a protracted war and the most test of the strategic determination of a start-up enterprise.

Similarly, such strategic determination is also reflected in the company’s product layout. Pingcap has been carefully polishing tidb for five years. Liu Qi said, “I remember someone asked me in the second year of entrepreneurship, you haven’t changed your direction? Are you still working on the database? In the third year, you asked me about the company’s product matrix?” in Liu Qi’s opinion, as a startup company, manpower and resources are always limited, so you can only get through and through at one single point, Only through such concentration and persistence can we finally “blossom and bear fruit”, which is also the logic behind pingcap’s product philosophy and its practice strategy.

Media reports | the pattern and victory of pingcap in the era of enterprise open source software

Secondly, pingcap’s foresight and innovation in technology.The core product of pingcap, tidb, supports HTAP on the basis of focusing on pure OLTP scenarios, which also means that tidb, as a mixed load integrated distributed database product, not only realizes enterprise level features such as elastic horizontal scalability, distributed transactions, strong consistency, financial production level, high availability and multi center and multi activity, At the same time, it also has important capabilities of next-generation distributed relational databases such as HTAP mixed load processing. In addition, it is compatible with MySQL protocol and a wide range of database software ecology, and adapts to the container and cloud native computing architecture based on kubernetes, which makes tidb unanimously “sought after” in the market.

An interesting detail is that by November 2020, the companies behind 11 of the wechat “12 palaces” have been listed   Tidb is used in the production environment. It can be said that tidb is close to becoming the “factual standard” of distributed relational database, which also confirms pingcap’s foresight in development direction and technological innovation.

Finally, it is the breakthrough and leap of pingcap in the global market and industry.Data show that there are more than 1500   Household households use tidb for online production environment, involving Internet, games, banking, insurance, securities, aviation, manufacturing, telecommunications, new retail, government and other industries, including overseas users in the United States, Europe, Japan, Southeast Asia and so on.

For example, in overseas markets, during the epidemic this year, paypay, a Japanese mobile payment giant, successfully replaced the original database scheme with tidb as a trading library, and successfully went online through online support; From the perspective of effect, the payment business system that has been put into operation, as an online transaction query aggregation and e-wallet payment business, not only successfully completed the paypay promotion activities, but also has very obvious advantages compared with the products of friends.

At the same time, in the domestic market, pingcap has also recently reached strategic cooperation with Fosun. Pingcap not only provides strong technical and product support for each business data center in Fosun ecosystem, so as to meet Fosun’s extreme requirements for high performance and reliability of database, stimulate new data momentum, but also help it solve the pain points and difficulties in the process of digital upgrading.

Media reports | the pattern and victory of pingcap in the era of enterprise open source software

Liu Qi said: “in the past five years, I have always believed that globalization is the best growth path for China’s software industry. In the past, the positioning of many Chinese to B companies was to be China’s to B and the top in a certain segment of China, but pingcap believes that in this process, we have the opportunity to be the best database in the global database field.”

It is with such persistence that pingcap’s current round of financing has created the largest amount of financing before IPO in the field of database in the world. At the same time, this year, it has also achieved a breakthrough for head customers in different parts of the world, which really makes pingcap’s vision and goal of building “the best database in the field of global database” a step further. From this perspective, it is undoubtedly the key for pingcap to win in the field of global open source distributed database that it is not stingy with its investment in technological innovation, constantly innovate the mode of industry landing, and always adhere to the strategic determination in the company’s development direction.

Ecological values behind openness

According to incomplete statistics, in 2020 alone, the number of recruitment positions with tidb as the keyword has reached   300 +, including nearly 100 well-known domestic enterprises such as Xiaomi, Zhihu, bilibilibili, iqiyi, Banyu, ideal car, mobile cloud and Everbright Bank, and foreign star companies such as square and paypay have also authorized tidb community for high salary recruitment   Tidb talents, which shows the “shortage” of talents in tidb from another aspect.

Moreover, as of October 2020, tidb   The project has also won more than 25000 stars on GitHub, with nearly 1200 open source code contributors, and even “fans” have translated tidb’s technical documents into crane, Japanese, Russian and Spanish. It can be said that tidb has become a well-known open source project in the field of global basic software.

Media reports | the pattern and victory of pingcap in the era of enterprise open source software

Behind this, it is the great power embodied in the international ecosystem built by pingcap’s open source culture, and the highly active open source community has brought a positive feedback closed loop to the development of tidb products, making tidb’s R & D ability, project quality and iteration speed jump to the world-class level, becoming the core of pingcap With accelerated competitiveness and moat.

In this regard, Huang Dongxu, founder and CTO of pingcap, believes that: “Open source is not only the opening of the original code, but also the first step. The key is the intensive operation of the community. Therefore, pingcap has also invested a lot of energy in various forms in the past five years to make the developer’s work more efficient and make the community more prosperous.”

For example, siddontang, the chief architect of pingcap, doesn’t want to come to Beijing because of family reasons. In the past few years, he has been working remotely from his home in Zhuhai, and pingcap has provided full support for this; At the same time, pingcap has always followed the values of “openness, equality, sharing and connection” and established a vibrant ecological community around tidb open source projects. Today, including the database heads of China’s top Internet companies and large enterprises, as well as well as well as well-known foreign developers are willing to participate in discussions and solve various problems in tidb community, This makes tidb more and more open, and the road to the future is wider and wider.

In general, pingcap always “believes in the power of openness” and constantly strengthens its own value and competitiveness, which makes the new generation of open source distributed database created by pingcap more perfect and grounded, not only meeting the actual needs of global customers, but also enabling pingcap to continuously create good results in the market, Achieved common growth with global customers.

More importantly, after the baptism and test of the market in the past few years, pingcap has created its own genes that are open, innovative, evolving and iterative with the times. This is the secret of pingcap’s rapid growth in the world, and also makes its future development full of more imagination.