Maxcommander for Mac is a dual window file management tool


Maxcommander cracked version for MAC (dual window file management tool)

Maxcommander for Mac is a dual window file management tool. The cracked version of maxcommander has the same file management functions as other management software. In addition, it can also use tabs and set bookmarks to display tables: both tools can be used to eliminate repeated operations and are easy to use. The software test environment 12.0.1 system!

Two panels browse your files and directories, create multiple tags and quickly switch between them, use bookmarks to quickly access your favorite directories or file services, create directories, copy, Move or delete files and directories use the keyboard or drag and drop use quick view preview files run files using the default or selected applications create and edit text files in your favorite text editor

Use Bonjour to discover and install file services (AFP, SMB, WebDAV, FTP, SFTP). Native FTP / SFTP clients with read-write access use the key chain to store passwords. When necessary, quickly switch to finder or terminal, switch to root mode, and access all directories and files. English and polish are available

Search for files with or without spotlight using wildcards (* and?) Search file name or content comparison directory compare files according to content (external difference tool is required)

Browse and extract files (zip, tar, jar, 7z, rar, ISO, LHA, lzh, ARJ, RPM, cab, tgz, tar.gz, tar.bz2, TBZ, tbz2, TB2, tar. Z, TAZ, CPIO, ISO, iso.gz, ISO. Z, izo.bz2, LZMA, bz2, GZ, XZ) create and modify files (zip, tar, tar.gz, tar.gz, jar, 7z, rar, GZ, bz2, XZ) password protected / encrypted archives (zip, 7z, RAR) browsing files is as easy as a local directory () – creating rar files requires external rar tools