Maven, get on with it


This paper takes spring MVC development as an example


Project Object Model

Is an XML file, which can be configured to complete dependency management

Dependency managementDependency Management

Maven, get on with it
The figure includes:

  • A direct dependence
  • B. C indirect dependence
  • D. E delivery dependency

In a web project,/WEB-INF/libStore the jar package that the project depends on.
mavenstaypom.xmlConfigure dependencies, provide dependency management and delivery management, and automatically load required dependency packages.

Maven coordinatesCoordinates


  • groupId
  • artifactId
  • version
  • packaging(jar, war, POM object, can be omitted, default jar)

Maven installation and configuration


  1. Download and unzip to your own installation directory
  2. To configureM2_HOME = Installation directory; addPATH = %M2_HOME%\bin;
  3. copy%M2_HOME%\conf\settings.xmlto%HOME%\.m2Folder, convenient for subsequent installation of other versions of Maven can also read the global configuration file
  4. modify%HOME%\.m2\settings.xmlMediumLocal warehouse storage locationAnd central warehouseMirror Address

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