Math — details



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  • Think about the derivative formula, the integral formula, what it is.
  • Better x = 1 / (2 better x), 1 / x = – 1 / (x ^ 2)
  • You can use different fractions without fractions, such as trigonometric functions, and when both denominators are x numbers (but be careful at this time)


Question type:

A big problem (derivation)

  • Compound function: peel the onion: after finding the derivative of Lala’s god horse, then x finds the derivative of god horse.
  • When deriving from a + formula, find the derivative of each term separately, and the constant must become 0; Chestnut (xlnx-x + 1)
  • The multiplication item is divided into several formulas to add. Don’t pull it down one by one. Write one after the calculation. Don’t do mental calculation to avoid mistakes.

Two major problems (implicit function method)

  • If you can find the derivative directly on two sides, you can find it directly
  • Not on two sides LN