Master bitcoin in 21 days


Recently, more and more people have come into contact with bitcoin. I have also added two groups. The group friends are standard K-line party and trend party. In short, many of them are chasing up and down.

Find the time to enter from every mutation of the K line, and leave when it reaches the stop point. If you are lucky, just as you wish. If you are not lucky, cut the meat immediately.

As a firm value investor in the stock market, I never make short-term rise and fall forecasts, only make long-term value judgments.

For valuable assets, I will study them in a three-step way.

  1. The first step is to invest some capital and understand the basic playing methods and concepts.
  2. The second step is to go deep into the basic logic, value and future trend of some investment targets.
  3. Third, for assets that are indeed valuable, they will gradually tilt their capital investment, ambush well and wait for the wind to rise.

Some time ago, I put a little bit of money into fire coin. What I bought is not Ethereum, not Wright coin, not reborn coin, but the most common bitcoin. As for the reason for buying bitcoin, it’s very simple. It’s the same logic as I buy stocks.

In the field of digital currency, bitcoin is the ancestor and the absolute leader. Even if the wind stops one day in the future, the faucet can still float for a while. There is no need to worry too much about the principal. To say the least, we will not care about the money for the water test, even if all the money is lost.

Judging from the rise and fall of various digital currencies in recent weeks, the range is far greater than that of stocks. Of course, there are other demon stocks like game post. Demon stocks are not in our consideration. A rise of 70% in one night is normal, and a drop of 30% in one day is not uncommon.

In recent weeks, in addition to looking at the data, I will also see a lot of information and articles related to digital currency, covering the basic knowledge and background knowledge of digital currency, papers on bitcoin, as well as the code implementation and characteristics of various digital currencies. Of course, bitcoin is still the top priority.

Based on these data, nine basic facts (not opinions) are found

  1. The essence of bitcoin is a kind of artificial “scarce goods”, and scarce goods can produce value under the consensus.
  2. The cost of producing bitcoin is very high, and it is getting higher and higher
  3. The total amount of bitcoin is constant, only 21 million, so there will be no inflation
  4. Bitcoin is hardly manipulated
  5. Bitcoin has become an asset heavily held by well-known investment institutions, and the founders of musk and twitter are loyal fans.
  6. Bitcoin is an asset of “absolute anonymity”
  7. The legal method of RMB to us dollar without limit: legal exchange and RMB going to sea
  8. About 65% of bitcoin mining machines in the world are in China
  9. Bitcoin will not be easily cracked by quantum computers in the foreseeable future

These basic facts are not subjective and can not be questioned.

In addition to these basic facts, most people are not concerned about the principle of bitcoin, but whether bitcoin can be invested? Why?

Here I would like to give my conclusion directly:

  1. Bitcoin is indeed scarce, and the scarcity is more obvious than other digital currencies
  2. Because of the scarcity and important value of storage and transmission characteristics, the price of bitcoin will rise
  3. Because there is no attached entity, the price of bitcoin is mainly affected by the relationship between supply and demand, and it will fluctuate sharply in the short term
  4. Because of the drastic fluctuations and short-term unpredictable, we are firmly opposed to adding leverage to speculation
  5. Holding bitcoin for a long time creates a bright future

After the conclusion is given, let’s take a look again. In the following article, I will continue to explain some problems to you. Some problems will be directly proved mathematically.

  1. Who is Nakamoto? What are the interesting conspiracy theories?
  2. What exactly does Nakamoto’s bitcoin paper say?
  3. How is blockchain technology used in bitcoin?
  4. What is the principle of mining?
  5. Why is the total number of bitcoins 21 million?
  6. How much room for bitcoin to rise in the future?
  7. Why can’t quantum computers crack bitcoin in the foreseeable future?
  8. Why are currencies like reborn copied?
  9. In what form will human beings be virtualized?

These questions are more and more interesting and fascinating. As the outline of digital currency becomes clearer step by step, the more you know, the more you don’t know. In the process of learning, we gradually realize the virtual nature of the world. In terms of money, you will eventually get the wealth you want through gradual investment.

From here on, your portfolio should no longer be limited to conventional stocks and funds. Let bitcoin be your choice.

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Master bitcoin in 21 days

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