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The typesetting tool used in this article: md2all,

Official account typesetting tool

The official account is really quite different in typesetting and editing tools, but its functions are very similar. Most of them are for the typesetting of rich text. More emphasis is placed on material and various fancy patterns, giving people a feeling of dazzling.

Markdown and official account

Markdown is loved by his writing friends with his simple grammar, which makes writing return to the content itself, rather than the fancy style. But the official account does not support Markdown, so Markdown here has become a necessary plug-in for markdown writing friends for quite some time. The climate does not suit one. But Markdown here is not a tool for official account.

  • The new line is invalid, and the lines are crowded together;
  • The code block cannot be displayed normally on platforms such as iPhone and iPad;
  • Style lost;


Although many advanced people have provided various methods for the problems of Markdown here in the official account conversion, there is no perfect solution.

For IT people, the most difficult problem is the problem of code block display. The popular solution was to save the block of code block as a picture, upload the picture to the official account, and then add the picture link to Markdown.

But this method is not only very complicated, but also not friendly to the readers. The code block shown in the picture is distorted, and the code cannot be copied directly…

We are all suffering from the Markdown typesetting of the official account.

The origin of md2all

Such a program is also suffering from the Markdown typesetting of official account. It took almost a week to study various existing tools, but no satisfactory solution was found.

Adorable ape was love for the official account, so he started his own idea of writing a public number Markdown typesetting tool, which has the current Md2All. Although the development process is also very difficult due to various kinds of Qiba pits, the results are satisfactory, at least all the problems mentioned above have been solved.

Function preview of md2all

Let’s take a screenshot of md2all

You will see that the layout is simple and all functions are clear at a glance.

  • Support “one click typesetting” style template selection, and custom CSS;
  • Support editing and preview at the same time;
  • Support left and right rolling linkage;
  • Especially friendly to it people, supporting more than 80 code topics; (because the author is also an IT person: P);
  • Support common markdown syntax and partial extension syntax (such as table, task list,katexMathematical formulas, footnotes, etc…) andhtml,cssThe style is well supported.
  • After the preview is OK, you only need one key“Copy”You can paste it easily to the official account.

One click typesetting of md2all

“One click typesetting” provides several common typesetting style templates, and also provides enough notes, so that beginners can easily personalize their own styles according to the notes

As shown on the left of the figure above, you can see that I only choseIncrease spacingThe preview effect on the right is totally different,
You will also see that the “green” text is used for annotation, and the “red” is used to indicate the modified position.
On the left is the standard CSS style. If the existing style template is not suitable for you, try to change it boldly. Even if it is wrong, it is OK to “restore the default value”, so don’t worry. Remember “save” before it takes effect.

Code theme of md2all

Because the author himself is a program ape, he has spent a lot of time in highlighting the code. There are more than 80 kinds of code highlighting themes. You can see that the top right corner of the figure below can choose fromCode subject, belowfavoriteThematic:

Another one.xt256Code subject

If more than 80 are not what you want, it’s no problem. You can refer to “code block style” under “one click typesetting” to customize your own code highlight style.

Copy the contents to the official account.

After previewing OK, just copy the content of the picture to the official account if you click the copy of the picture.

The effect of the official account is as follows:

You can see that the final effect of copying to the official account is consistent with the Md2All preview effect.
Is it very simple.


Md2All is constantly improving, more functions are being developed, I hope you will pay more attention to it, all functions of Md2All are free, I hope you will support it more. If there are any questions or suggestions, please leave a message for the official account.

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