Markdown plugin for Microsoft OneNote Note Tool


OneNote is a practical note-taking and knowledge management tool that I like very much. When organizing notes and articles, I personally like to use Markdown format. The syntax of Markdown is simple and light. When writing articles and taking notes, it is easy to get the style of the article, especially the syntax highlighting function of the code, which is really helpful for recording and reading technical notes. So friendly and so convenient. What has always bothered me about OneNote is that it never provides support for Markdown, especially in OneNote where you want to achieve code syntax highlighting that is close to the effect of a code editor. It is so cumbersome to handle that you lose the ability to use Markdown. original meaning.

In order to support Markdown, I have used several plug-ins such as GEM and NoteHighlight2016. The markdown processing effect of GEM is really unbearable; the effect of NoteHighlight is not satisfactory. In the end, I couldn’t bear it anymore, so I don’t need to bear it any more. Let’s write one by myself. . .

Functional renderings

CommonMark effect

Markdown plugin for Microsoft OneNote Note Tool
(Supports displaying pictures directly pasted in OneNote)

Java syntax highlighting effect

Markdown plugin for Microsoft OneNote Note Tool


Markdown plugin for Microsoft OneNote Note Tool

Other functions

export function

In addition, the export function of OneNote is also extended. The official export can only be done on the Section node, and it is sometimes inconvenient to export the content of all pages under the Section to a file. In the extended export function, page content can be exported according to Onenote’s table of contents, and each page can export a separate file. In addition, the page adds the export of md format and md converted html format.

Markdown preview Theme


  • Light
  • Dark
  • Use System Settings

Poke me to download the plugin source code/installation package from Github

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