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When it comes to writing tools, I have to mention word. Can any company use this software now? As the most popular writing software, word does have many advantages, such as intuitive operation, what you see is what you get, etc., but you must also encounter the problem of more cumbersome style adjustment. Different content may need to adjust the font, size, line spacing, etc. frequently, and it is also easy to appear inconsistent, the whole is very inconsistent. Of course, you are the senior of word Users may know that there are templates to help you define a unified style, but first you need to be an advanced user. In a word, you need to spend a lot of extra time on style adjustment, and the editing experience is poor. On the other hand, different users have their own style preferences, and the style is not uniform, which also affects the reading experience. In addition, the revision function is really done well It’s ugly It’s hard to see and don’t want to

In fact, the main problem of word comes from the binding of content and style. The writer needs to edit the content and style of the article at the same time. Although it is very flexible, it is actually a very inefficient way, because the creation itself is only related to the content. In contrast, latex may have a better editing experience by defining some tags for content and defining styles for these tags in a unified way, but its complex and even weird syntax has a higher threshold in use. In fact, word also provides a way to separate content and style, that is, template style. But when your primary users are used to editing content and style at the same time, it is difficult to change them. If you are also using word, I suggest that you use more template related functions, which can improve your efficiency. Of course, I suggest that you use the markdown I will use next , the article you see, including all the articles in this website, are also edited by markdown

Markdown is actually a kind of markup language, similar to HTML, but much simpler than HTML. It only takes three minutes to learn, and there are not so many redundant tags. Writers only need to focus on the content, but what they write is just plain text files. If they need to show it, they need some professional markdown software, such as mweb, Mou, Ma Cdown and so on. You can define styles by importing CSS files. You can define different styles by different CSS files. It’s very flexible. If you don’t have CSS files, you usually have a default display, or you can use the style files above GitHub. Of course, if you know the front end, you can write CSS files according to your own taste. Here markdown completely separates the content and style, and does not pay attention to the style when writing, which greatly improves the editing experience; on the other hand, everyone can have their own favorite style, and the same content can display different styles in front of different users according to the way they are accustomed to, and the reading experience is also greatly improved; because it is a pure text file, it can also cooperate with Version management tools like git can clearly see the changes of different versions

Of course, there is also a situation where you only focus on editing and don’t need to show. Then you may only need a text editor like sublime text 3 or vscode. Most Blog websites directly support markdown, just post the whole file content, or you can build a blog station with software like hexo, which is more directly based on markdown

At present, markdown has become the most popular blog writing tool. More and more documents are using markdown to manage. Hurry up and use markdown to improve your work efficiency

The syntax of markdown is attached below

#First level title
###Third level title
#####Five level title

True text true text true text true text

* emphasize *
* * bold * * *

1. Ordered list
2. Orderly Libiao

-Unordered list
-Unordered list

> reference

[link here] (
! [picture link] (/ img / xxx. JPG)

| header1 | header2 | header3 |
| column1 | column2 | column3 |
| column1 | column2 | column3 |

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