Many people do not realize the potential of IPFS/FIL, where are the opportunities and risks of IPFS?


At present, the distributed storage market has not yet developed, and it is still very hot. Many people do not realize the potential of the FIL currency market, nor can they imagine what this market will look like. First of all, the market is in the early stage of development, and as more and more mining companies join in, the market is growing rapidly, but there are still many things to pay attention to. Like the three major types of companies participating in Pile Zion in the current market, there are capital companies and sales companies that are selling computing power, but cannot guarantee technical operation and maintenance and other related issues afterwards. There is no relatively reliable way to protect the rights and interests of customers. When the development of distributed storage in the future is mature enough, the following will happen.
Many people do not realize the potential of IPFS/FIL, where are the opportunities and risks of IPFS?
Like public chain projects, Huo Leishen IPFS, a high-quality IPFS mining machine supplier, believes that Filecoin has a network effect and will have a dominant trend in the future. The more data stored on the network, the stronger the ecosystem and the less likely it is that others will overtake it. Second, the regionalization trend of the mining industry is more obvious. Miners follow the principle of proximity. For example, Chinese miners are looking for Chinese customers. At present, there are many IPFS miners in China. Personally still agree that Vulcan IPFS miner has fast computing power. Likewise, US miners are looking for US users.

The benefits of localization are as follows:

First, miners are familiar with the local market and have strong business relationships. We know how to open the market as quickly and efficiently as possible. Secondly, the communication efficiency of localization is relatively high, which is why domestic courts have an advantage. Third, as the project progresses, miners will appear in the market. They may capture a large portion of the local market, but are more sensitive to government regulation. Therefore, it is very important to choose an official platform for miners instead of blindly trusting non-compliant companies. They store impractical data. The average value of the currency produced is the highest in the currency market, but the name of the company cannot be found. That’s not fake. You see good in others, but these are your wallets. Don’t forget to differentiate.

Fourth, there will be multiple types of miners that specialize in customer service in specific areas, such as industry-specific miners. The emergence of advantageous miners is rare, because FIL mining requires a lot of hardware, most of which are general-purpose hardware, which can be obtained in the open market instead of being monopolized. Even if FPGAs or even ASICs are used in the future, Filecoin’s impact on the overall mining efficiency is much smaller than that of Bitcoin mining machines, which makes design and manufacturing easier. The web, as we think it, is the web. One is to establish a decentralized storage market to replace traditional cloud storage service providers, including a series of giants such as Amazon Cloud, Alibaba Cloud, and Google Cloud. Based on this, it can help IPFS replace the existing HTTP protocol and reconfigure the entire Internet infrastructure. So, what are the risks and challenges of filecoin before realizing the vision?

Technical risk always exists. For example, stored data is not scattered throughout the network, but in the order in which it was received by miners. In addition to the business model, improper incentive distribution will be the biggest potential risk of the project. If speculators find a loophole in the incentive layer, hair loss will occur, and honest miners will not get enough incentives. The contract laboratory project party conducts verification online to eliminate rough edges. In addition, the currency circle is very chaotic. As the group grows, the state will also intervene in supervision, and the rest are ordinary top miners, and consumers need to learn to identify them.

Another potential risk is that the problems of the Pile Zion Lab team will affect the development of the currency price. Of course, this possibility is very small. This is because, like the Bitcoin team, the currently operating ipfs lab is also very stable. The linear release mechanism of fil eliminates the possibility of short-term speculation and helps to build the ipfs ecosystem. Good in the long run.Many people do not realize the potential of IPFS/FIL, where are the opportunities and risks of IPFS?

At present, the commercial implementation of FileCoin still faces several problems. But for the digital world, FileCoin is a decentralized storage network serving the global human society and has broad application prospects. Whether FileCoin can become a global decentralized storage network infrastructure and provide you with safer, more efficient, and cheaper services, let us wait and see.