Manjaro uses SS method (requires nodejs environment)


Just installed manjaro, need to installshadowsocks-qt5+Proxy SwitchyOmega, but the latest Chrome has long blocked the installation of non Google store CRX channels. Here is my solution, which is troublesome but usable. If you are familiar with NPM commands in nodejs, you won’t find it troublesome, because nodejs is used for compilation.

Preparation environment:

  1. A VPS server with the shadow locks server installed. It costs money, but it’s not cheap to rent it now
  2. nodejs–With manjaro’s ownoctopisearchnodejs, and then install. To terminal inputnode -vYou can return the version number.


  • First use manjaro’s ownoctopisearchshadowsocks-qt5, and then install:

Manjaro uses SS method (requires nodejs environment)

Other Linux distributions can go to GitHub of shadowlocks-qt5 to see if there is a proper release version

After the installation is successful and your own SS is configured, as follows

Manjaro uses SS method (requires nodejs environment)

  • Then go to GitHub of proxy switchyomega to download the source code(Source code(zip)), other methods will ask you to find the CRX version directly, but now the CRX format can’t be installed, you can only use the source code to install

Manjaro uses SS method (requires nodejs environment)

  • After downloading it, decompress it, and then compile it by yourself according to the readme page of GitHub of proxy switchyomega. The following is the copied compilation method. The line at the beginning of the pound sign does not need to be entered.
#To install nodejs and prepare the environment, you can do it here
# Install node and npm first (make sure npm --version > 2.0), then:
#Global installation of grunt CLI and bower
sudo npm install -g [email protected] bower
#CD to the downloaded code directory, and execute the following two lines of commands. Note that if the second line of command reports no permission, sudo is required
cd omega-build
npm run deps
#The above command, according to the network speed, may run for a while, and then run the following command. If there is no permission, sudo is required
  • After running the above command, this folder will appear in the downloaded source code: Omega chromium extension / build/
  • openchromeOfExtension programPage, openingDeveloper modelClickLoad the extracted extensionButton, select the previous build folder, and confirm to complete the installation. After installation, see the figure below.

Manjaro uses SS method (requires nodejs environment)

PS. the compiled code cannot be deleted, but the source code can be deleted, so you can copy the compiled code to a directory you like, and then load this directory

  • So far, it has been successfully installedshadowsocks-qt5+Proxy SwitchyOmega。 But it is possible to show that there is still no way to go to Google. At this time, just disconnectshadowsocks-qt5Connect theLocal server typeChange tohttp(s)Then connect,Proxy SwitchyOmegaThe configuration of is also changed tohttp, then visit Google, it will fail at this time, and then change the above two configurations back to Socks5, and then connect them. Don’t ask me why, I don’t know why