Manjaro install redis manually


The windows system used to be used before has been a little annoyed by win10 recently, and has entered manjaro’s pit. Some software under windows has been installed in manjaro with a record.

My system information


Let’s start work.

I. preparation steps

Download Redis

Two, installation

1Current directory / home / yzhl / download to / opt

tar -xvf redis-5.0.4.tar.gz -C /opt

2. Enter the redis directory after decompression

cd /opt/redis-5.0.4

3 has an install file

sudo make install

4. Enter Src in the current directory after success

cd src

5. Add the prefix, which is understood as the environment variable. It is measured that sudo redis server is executed successfully under ~, and the actual installation path is after the equal sign

sudo make install PREFIX=cd /opt/redis-5.0.4

6 test it, remember to sudo

sudo make test

Installation complete!


3. Start (there are two files in CD / opt / redis-5.0.4/bin, redis server and redis CLI)

1 start the server

sudo redis-server



2 start client

sudo redis-cli



be accomplished!