Make WinCC components for recipe management


1. Install winccv7.4 and crack:

Install winccv7.4sp1

Install license file – follow the prompts

Install the dog free drive according to the prompts

Install V13

2. Connect PLC,

First of all, in the same LAN, if it is a router, you can disable / enable the network to assign IP address to the router

Then set the interface in the control panel — pg / PC interface:


3. Wincchruntime component interface location

C:\Program Files (x86)\Common Files\Siemens\Bin\CCHMIRuntime.dll.

4. Strange things are found when generating window controls. Components can be introduced into WinCC and work normally, but not during testing

You can make a Windows window to test, and then move the value

5. Create the database ABC in the real column server and the table recipes in ABC

  • In tool design cancel hook prevent saving changes in require table
  • image
  • The primary key needs auto increment function. Change to varchar and varbinary

6. An error occurred: the found assembly does not match the original assembly. As long as you clean up the regeneration achievements again

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