Maintenance of DOS system



Only when a system is well maintained can it produce good results. So, how to maintain DOS system?

First, check the disk regularly for errors. There are many commands under DOS that can be used to check the disk, such as CHKDSK, ScanDisk, etc. A more powerful disk tool is Norton’s disk doctor, which has a friendly interface and powerful functions and can be downloaded from the “disk tool” on this site. Only by checking the disk regularly can the stability of the disk be guaranteed.

Secondly, we should check the virus regularly. Computer virus is a destructive program that can seriously endanger system security and data integrity. If it happens, it may cause serious losses. Therefore, it is very important and necessary to check the virus regularly. To check the virus, you need to use good virus killing software, and pay attention to regularly upgrading the virus database, otherwise it will not have the desired effect. Practical anti-virus software under DOS includes f-prot, Norton Antivirus, KV3000, etc., especially the front f-prot and NAV, which are launched by world-famous large companies and are constantly updated, so the effect is very good. You can download them in the “anti-virus software” of this site. However, as new viruses are constantly emerging, new virus libraries of these anti-virus software should be downloaded regularly to achieve the best results. Of course, it is impossible to use anti-virus software without paying attention to prevention. Virus prevention is usually more effective than antivirus because it can greatly reduce the possibility of virus infection. There are many ways to prevent virus, such as using virus firewall program, not using unknown software, etc. Through these methods, viruses usually cannot invade.

Then, back up important data regularly. Because even if the above two measures are adopted, it can only greatly reduce the possibility of data destruction, rather than rest assured. Data loss caused by misoperation or hardware failure may occur at any time. Therefore, it is necessary to back up data. They can usually be backed up to floppy disk or other hard disk in case of accidents, so as not to regret. Disk partition tables and boot records should also be backed up. Many tools can do this, such as SRC tools, bfhf, etc. In particular, SRC tools are very convenient to use. They can be downloaded from the “disk tools” of this site. There are articles on its detailed use in the “Dos article” column of this site.

Of course, some other maintenance is needed, such as regularly defragmenting disk, deleting garbage files, and classifying files and software for ease of use.

The maintenance of system configuration is also very important. Some tool software can also be used for automatic maintenance, such as MemMaker. This can effectively save time and energy.

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