Madp (mobile application development platform) promotes enterprise digital transformation


In the era of mobile Internet, the demand of enterprises for mobile applications is growing explosively. Mobile solution suppliers have been committed to finding solutions to help enterprises complete these mobile integration requirements. Madp (mobile application development platform) has emerged. Madp allows to provide a solution that can easily integrate and simplify mobile solutions in the company, It is used to quickly build scenario applications.

In 2012, madp first appeared in the famous Gartner (international authoritative IT consulting organization) Magic Quadrant report, and now it is released every year as madp Magic Quadrant.

Madp (full English Name: mobile application development platform), namely mobile application development platform, refers to the technical platform used in the development of mobile applications. Madp generally provides core development technologies, tools, components, engines, cloud services and other supporting support.

“If 75% of all enterprises have at least one madp (Gartner) by 2020, it is very important to understand what it is and why it is needed.”

So why use madp?

When enterprises decide to adopt mobile strategy to transform their business, the surge in demand for new applications is the first problem that enterprises must face. In this rapidly changing world, whoever can quickly respond to market demand and respond is the leader. No one wants to be a laggard.

However, many factors need to be considered when developing mobile applications. For example, different mobile devices, mobile platforms, audiences, cloud services, service integration, etc. In the past, enterprises needed to develop multiple different applications to achieve compatibility with multiple platforms and devices, and it was almost impossible to develop and expand for these unique situations.

In this case, enterprises need to choose the right technology to ensure that the development team can deliver tasks at the right time to market and excellent user experience, rather than falling into the dilemma of project backlog. Madp is really a good choice.

Why does madp make mobile development easier?

Because it provides various capabilities in the whole life cycle of mobile application development, madp development team can build applications more efficiently and conveniently, greatly simplify the mobile software development process and take the lead in market competition.

Madp can help enterprises quickly build, test and deploy mobile applications of different mobile devices and platforms. Madp can minimize coding requirements, integrate front-end and back-end development, such as user management, data management and push notification, and deliver applications on various mobile devices. It provides a common and consistent way for developers to customize their applications without worrying about back-end systems or implementation details.

Apiccloud, the leader of domestic madp, has further built its own service ecosystem. Its module store has gathered more than 1000 functional modules. These modules are encapsulated through the same standard. When developing an application on the platform, they can integrate the functions of various native experiences with one click, providing a more efficient ability for the evolution of madp.

Madp (mobile application development platform) can better meet the digital business and innovative needs of enterprises. At the same time, it is also an important supplement to low code development ability.

Most low code development platforms provide cross platform development capabilities based on model driven. Continuously evolving components can quickly provide new modelers and product services according to needs. In this process, the original capabilities of many mobile application development platforms will further play a role.

Many foreign low code development platforms are also strengthening the support ability for mobile application development in reverse. In China, based on different platform backgrounds, the growth space of low code development market is still large, and many platforms are gradually transforming and strengthening low code ability. Apiccloud’s madp capability and developer ecological foundation have become an important supplement to the domestic low code development platform.

According to Magic Quadrant report, “mobile application development is at the forefront of digital business transformation strategy. Mobile applications are driving new compelling interactions, deep business model innovation, and insights into improving business processes and workflows. Once the organization starts building and delivering mobile applications, the demand of the whole enterprise will inevitably grow. “

The future, let’s wait and see.

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