MacOS Big Sur 11.4 beta 1 (version 20f5046g) was officially released


Apple today pushed the Mac OS Big Sur 11.4 beta 1 update to developers, a few days ahead of the official version of Mac OS Big Sur 11.3.

The most important content of this update is the addition of support for AMD NAVI rnda2 graphics cards (6800, 6800xt, 6900xt).

The size of this update is about 3gb, and the version number is 20f5046g. Other updates are unknown at present.

In addition, the MacOS Big Sur 11.3 RC version has also been released. Users can download the MacOS Big Sur beta description file through the Apple Developer Center, and download the latest version through “software update” in “System Preferences”.

MacOS Big Sur 11.3 optimizes the experience of running IOS applications on MAC M1. When running iPhone and iPad applications on MAC M1, there is a “touch alternatives” option window, which allows users to set keyboard commands for touch input alternatives. By clicking the name of the application in the menu bar and selecting preferences, you can enable the touch substitution function for iPhone or iPad applications. This function allows users to customize click Shortcut keys for sliding and dragging.

Apple music also provides a new autoplay option that allows the streaming service to continue playing music after the playlist or music queue ends. This new feature provided by Apple music is similar to the autoplay function added in IOS 14. With this feature, even if the playlist or album has ended, the audio playback of Apple music will not end.

MacOS Big Sur 11.3 also adds support for the latest Playstation 5 dualsense and Xbox series X / s handles, which can be used for games on MacOS.

The above is the details of the official release of MacOS Big Sur 11.4 beta 1 (version No. 20f5046g). Please pay attention to more information about the release of MacOS Big Sur 11.4 beta 1developpaerOther related articles!