MacOS 11 Big Sur developer preview beta 8 push


As we all know, Apple has released the eighth beta version of MacOS Big Sur for developers. Please don’t miss it.

Users can download MacOS Big Sur beta through Apple Developer Center. After installing the description file, they can get the subsequent test version through “software update” in “System Preferences”.

As with all new beta versions, apple recommends against installing MacOS Big Sur on major devices. Because it is still an early test version, and there may be major errors.

Apple previously said that MacOS Big Sur has brought the biggest redesign change since the launch of MacOS 10. MacOS Big Sur draws on many elements of Apple IOS, including a control center (where you can change the brightness and switch “do not disturb”) and a new notification Center (related notification grouping).

Many MacOS Big Sur applications have been redesigned, including mail, photos, notes and Iwork. Apple has also introduced new search features for messages, including a new photo selection interface.

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