Machine learning Master Blog translation: deep learning and keras



  • Five step life cycle of neural network model in keras
  • Apply deep learning in Python mini course
  • Binary classification course of keras deep learning library
  • How to build multilayer perceptron neural network model with keras
  • How to check the deep learning model in keras
  • 10 command line scripts for Amazon Web Services deep learning
  • A fast course of machine learning convolution neural network
  • How to use keras for deep learning measurement in Python
  • Deep learning books
  • Deep learning course
  • What you know about deep learning is a lie
  • How to set up Amazon AWS EC2 GPU to train keras deep learning model (step by step)
  • What is the difference between batch and iteration in neural networks?
  • Show the training history of deep learning model in keras
  • Dropout regularization in deep learning model based on keras
  • Evaluating the performance of deep learning model in keras
  • How to evaluate the skill of deep learning model
  • A brief introduction to the gradient descent of small batch and how to configure the batch size
  • Nine ways to get deep learning help in keras
  • How to use keras to search the super parameters of deep learning model in Python
  • Using convolution neural network to recognize handwritten digits in python with keras
  • How to predict with keras
  • Image enhancement of deep learning with keras
  • Inspiring application of 8 deep learning
  • About the python deep learning library keras
  • Introduction to tensorflow, python deep learning library
  • About theano, python deep learning library
  • How to use keras functional API for deep learning
  • Multi class classification course of keras deep learning library
  • Fast course of multilayer perceptron neural network
  • Target recognition in keras deep learning base based on convolutional neural network
  • Popular deep learning library
  • Predicting the emotion of movie reviews with deep learning
  • Regression tutorial of keras deep learning library in Python
  • How to use keras to get reproducible results
  • How to run deep learning experiment on Linux server
  • Save and load your keras deep learning model
  • Using keras to develop the first neural network in Python step by step
  • Using keras to understand the stateful LSTM recurrent neural network in Python
  • Using keras deep learning model and scikit learn in Python
  • How to use pre trained VGg model to classify objects in photos
  • Using learning rate scheduling for deep learning models in Python and keras
  • How to visualize deep learning neural network model in keras
  • What is deep learning?
  • When to use MLP, CNN and RNN neural networks
  • Why initialize neural network with random weight?

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