Mac uses maps to view traffic conditions and avoid traffic congestion


With the increasing popularity of cars, we often worry about traffic congestion when we travel. But now Mac users can avoid this worry. The “map” Application of OS X Mavericks can help you understand real-time traffic conditions and avoid traffic congestion. Now I’ll teach you how to use this little function.

usage method:


Open the “map” application, search or find the road you need to know.

Click the car icon in the upper left corner of the map. After clicking the car icon, the traffic condition will be displayed on the map immediately.


You can see the orange dotted line on the map. The deeper the dotted line, the slower the road is.


In addition to the traffic map, there are also some small icons for accident reports on the map, basically including the following icons:

traffic accident

Section maintenance

Section closure, etc.


Map” is very simple to use. After you find it, you can print the map you need directly to facilitate travel.

The above is how to use the “map” Application of OS X Mavericks to view real-time traffic. If you want to travel, you might as well use this function to view real-time traffic conditions first.