Mac terminal security keyboard input function


Mac users always worry about the security of the text when using the terminal. Some users also notice the “safe keyboard input” in the terminal menu. What’s the relationship between the two? Today Xiaobian will tell you the function of “safe keyboard input”.

If you are concerned about the security of text entered into a terminal that is accessed by unauthorized means, you can set “terminal” to allow secure keyboard input. This will prevent other applications or networks on the computer from detecting and recording what is entered in the terminal.

 be careful:Before opening the security keyboard for input, make sure that other applications on your computer do not need buttons on the terminal.

In short, this “safe keyboard input” is actually to avoid the content you input being recorded by other applications or networks. For personal computers, this is not necessary (you should be careful if you suspect that the computer is infected with a virus), but for some public computers or other people’s Macs It is very necessary to turn on the security keyboard input.

Now users should know what the function of “safe keyboard input” is. If you are worried about the security of terminal text, you can turn on the “safe keyboard input” function.