MAC system flash always expired a month, how to update several times?


When using Mac computer, watch and use Adobe Flash When the player’s video, it is often encountered that the flash has expired and a new version needs to be downloaded. However, it has been updated only once a month ago, or it has been updated n times in these months, but it still shows that the flash has expired and needs to be updated. In addition to re updating, what can be done to solve the problem? See the following steps.

1. Open Safari browser and click safari in the upper left corner

2. Click “preferences”

3. Click “security”

4. Click “manage site settings”

5. Click the “drop-down box” when visiting other websites

6. Select “always allow”

7. Click “finish”. When you go to watch the video again, you will not be prompted to update the Adobe Flash player. The video will naturally open and will not appear frequently in the future. You need to update the Adobe Flash player.

8. Another solution is not to use Apple’s own browser, download other browsers for use, and do not often prompt for updates, because Apple often blocks flash plug-ins.