Mac screenshots are big, but how do they get smaller? Mac’s skill of keeping screenshots in the same minimum space


Screenshots are the most commonly used basic skills in computers. Many people are accustomed to using software such as QQ to take screenshots and show them to their friends. But the basic screenshots are everybody’s. Sometimes we want the screenshots to be smaller. What should we do then? See below.

1. OpenLaunchpadAs follows

2. QuickFind the terminal in the Quick Start ListAnd open

3. Start the terminal, the default is long.

4. Enter commands:screencapture -t jpeg ~/Desktop/screenshot01.png 

5. The – t parameter is followed by the format.JPEG format file takes less space than PNG format fileOh

6. After inputting the confirmation of return, the desktop generates screenshots, which are successful.

Matters needing attention:This method is also applicable to desktop computers.

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