Mac partition failed. The partition graph could not be modified because the file system failed to verify. How to solve this problem?


I believe that those who have tampered with Mac OS partition may encounter more or lessCould not modify partition map because file system validation failedError message. Some may have installed bootcamp version of windows system before, and now want to remove it, but it can’t be removed. There are times when the hands are cheap. After the installation, it is necessary to delete it after a long time. When I see this kind of error, my heart is half cold, and a large piece of disk space is seen again. I don’t know how you feel at this time. The following is a brief introduction of how to deal with such a situation.

1. When the above situation is encountered, it is because the internal file system of Mac OS system has an error in verification, resulting in the failure to merge the spare partition into Mac OS partition. At this time, please restart the MAC system. When restarting, please press and hold the command + s key on the keyboard to enter the safe mode. If it doesn’t work, please try several times and press it before you hear the sound.

2. Then you will see a string of notes jumping on the screen. When it doesn’t move, please press the button on the keyboard“Enter”Key, the command prompt appears, as shown in the figure

3. Then enter the command “fsck – F” and press the“Enter”Key to execute the command.

4. Then please wait for the file system to be repaired. The repair speed will depend on the speed of the hard disk, as shown in the figure

5. When the repair is completed and the prompt “the volume Macintosh HD was successfully” is displayed on the screen, it means that the repair has been successful, as shown in the figure

6. Next, enter the reboot command to restart the computer from safe mode.

7. After restart, open the disk tool and merge the partitions.

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