Mac modifying dock smoke effect and setting screen capture shortcut key


There is a smoke effect in MAC dock. Some users don’t like this smoke effect. How to remove it? Other users want to capture the screen quickly, so how to set the capture shortcut? Now let Xiaobian teach you how to solve these problems.


Modify dock smoke effect:

1. Go to system – Library – coreservices – contents – resources

2. Press commad + I and change the permission holder to yourself

3. Back up poof png

4. Edit poof png

5. Save (if it cannot be saved, move it back to the resource folder after it is stored on the desktop)

6. Change the holder back to system

7. Log out and log in or force quit finder

Set screen capture shortcut:

Press Shift + Command + 4 and then the space bar to select the window to be intercepted. Press Shift + Command + 3 or shift + Command + 4 to store it in the hard disk, and press control + Shift + Command + 3 or control + Shift + Command + 4 to store it on the clipboard.

Or enter screen capture in terminal.

The above is how Xiaobian brings you to modify the dock smoke effect and set the screen capture shortcut. Users in need can try to use these methods to solve their own problems.