Mac install Ubuntu method through VirtualBox virtual machine


Some Mac users don’t want to install Ubuntu in their Mac, but sometimes they need to use Ubuntu. How to solve this problem? Today, I will teach you how to use VirtualBox virtual machine to install Ubuntu.

Operation steps:

1. Download and install VirtualBox.


2. Create a new Ubuntu virtual machine.

Click “new” and a dialog box will pop up to fill in the name. For example, “Ubuntu test”

Select operating system type


3. Set the memory of virtual machine

This is set according to the actual situation of your machine. It is recommended to set half of the 4G or above machines.


4. Set up virtual hard disk

(1) Select create virtual hard disk now

(2) Select the first VDI type

(3) Dynamic allocation

(4) Set the location of the virtual file and the size of the virtual hard disk





5. Installation completed

OK, the virtual machine configuration is complete, waiting for the system to start and install.


The above is how the Mac computer uses VirtualBox virtual machine to install Ubuntu. Users who do not know how to install it should follow the above steps.

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