Mac GoLand can’t open (flash back) or report an error


The MAC has used GoLand, and the computer application cannot be opened after initialization, nor can it be opened in other versions

The reason is that the previous configuration file still needs to be cleaned up:

/Users / your files / library / preferences/

The configuration file is under this file


Supplement: Golan cannot start under windows

Recently, I encountered a problem that I couldn’t start when using Golan (no response after double clicking the startup program). I used windows 10 system and still couldn’t start after finding an online solution.

Reinstallation can not solve the problem. Here is a solution:


It is suspected that some files related to Golan in the system have not been deleted completely. Uninstall Golan and delete all files related to Golan.

1. Unload Golan.

2. Use everything software to search Golan and delete all related files. (everything is a search software that you can download or use your familiar search software, mainly to delete files related to Golan).

3. After deletion, reinstall Golan and find it available.

be careful:

Only one solution is provided. I encountered this problem. After deleting the related problems, Golan can use it.

The above is my personal experience. I hope I can give you a reference, and I hope you can support developpaer. If you have any mistakes or don’t consider completely, please don’t hesitate to comment.