Mac goes on to get rid of Youku ads for more than a minute


Are you very tired of Youku’s longer and longer advertisements? I think many users must want to block Youku’s advertisements that are always more than one minute. So I specially sent this benefit to you. Let’s go and see the specific methods.


Methods of shielding Youku advertisements under MAC system:

  Step 1:Add the following to the / etc / ███ s file:

If it was before, it would be enough to finish the first step, but Youku is also “making progress”.

Still needStep 2:


Make file. Method: find a random TXT file, rename it to, and delete the suffix TXT



/Users / (your user name) / library / preferences / Macromedia / Flash player / #sharedobjects / 2nscmrq2 (this is random)/

See the folder?

Delete it and replace it with a file.

OK, bye bye.

With this method, when we watch videos in Youku, we don’t have to wait for a long advertising time. We can click on it at any time.