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I believe you have a basic understanding of trust in yesterday’s article. Today we will give a complete introduction to trust.

Why choose rust

It’s a language that gives everyone the ability to build reliable and efficient software. You can’t write unsafe code here (unsafe block is not in the scope of discussion). Most of the errors in trust are avoided through syntax and compile time errors.

What applications can be built with rust

  • Command line application

When we need to write some command line applications or console tools, it’s very convenient. Finally, it’s very convenient to write work or learn exclusive terminal command tools.

  • WebAssembly

Webassembly is a new bytecode format, a general binary and text format. This project is jointly developed by Google, Firefox, apple and Microsoft. It has to be mentioned that webassembly can be embedded in the developed JS or HTML. For example, the project needs to be animated or compressed. At this time, the webassembly module can be used to enhance the local performance experience of web applications.

  • Network server class

Rust has rich network libraries, and can write web applications and initiate network requests. Such as reqwest, flash, Actix web, rocket, etc.

With it, you can write your own custom OS on STM32 or raspberry pie. You don’t need to look for images everywhere.

Who is trust suitable for?

For those who want to be able to write C / C + + programs, but find these languages inaccessible.
At the same time, rust is suitable for embedded programmers who want a higher-level language, but it needs to be compiled into code as small and efficient as C code.


And other languages, such as node’s NPM, Maven and rust, also come with a compact and practical building tool. There are thousands of software packages on crafts.io, and almost all the solutions you want can be found here. If you want to do a good job, you must first sharpen your tools. It is particularly important to choose a practical library in the project architecture. What practical libraries are there? The typists have prepared them properly. Let’s decompose them next time.


The development trend of trust is getting better and better, and its advantages with other languages are becoming more and more obvious. As a community project, trust is inseparable from users’ feedback and suggestions, especially the newly hatched and rapidly growing language. With the development and improvement of the community, more and more easy-to-use features are integrated. I believe that in the near future, more and more people will choose to embrace trust and develop more concise and efficient application systems.

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