[look at the world] how many practical things have you met with product managers?



In fact, I don’t want to write any complaints, but I have been a product manager for more than 6 years. Recently, it has been my most difficult time. Post a post to commemorate it.

a dish that goes with liquor

Classic quotes from product managers

  • Didn’t I say that, like this, then like this, finally like this, wouldn’t it be good
  • The boss said it
  • I didn’t say I would do that
  • Our product is sure to catch fire. Don’t worry, follow me
  • Do you listen to me or the boss
  • Your programmers love to throw pots and pans at products. I don’t know how many pots they have carried for you

… I’m tired of writing. I don’t want to write anymore

Product manager’s self perception

I can’t make mistakes. It’s you who make mistakes.
The demand I give is like this. Why is it another effect when you make it? Well, it must be that you made a mistake. Change and change again.
Programmers are all moving bricks (paddling), which is certainly not as hard as me. Look at how perfect my product prototype and architecture are. They are all a bunch of garbage.


More or less, I have experienced the above contents and left my hands in praise.

When I say these things, I actually want to say: be a person

One last thing:

(tenthousand words are omitted here)

No more, no more. The product manager has changed the requirements and added functions.

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