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On November 11, 2021, digital intelligence efficiency platformPig toothed fish ChoerodonRelease v1 Version 1, multiple functions added or optimized, multi pronged, comprehensively improve team work efficiency!

By providing systematic methodology, collaboration, testing, Devops and container tools, pig toothed fish helps enterprises pull through the demand, design, development, deployment, testing and operation processes, run through the whole end-to-end process, help the team efficiency faster, stronger and more stable, help enterprises improve management efficiency and quality in one stop, and promote the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence.

This pig toothed fish v1 Version 1 adds and optimizes a number of functions in teamwork and Devops:

  • New onlineShop Calendar , keep the work schedule under control and make the work arrangement orderly
  • Of new projects and organizationsWork calendarIt is convenient for the team and project managers to better evaluate and manage the workload and contribute to improving the efficiency of the team
  • newly addedOrganization Gantt chart, help the team establish systematic thinking to better manage and optimize the project process
  • Devops module addedExternal code warehouse, improve the security of the warehouse and add in the deployment moduleApplication Center, it supports centralized viewing and management of all applications and resources generated after container deployment and host deployment, making the Devops module more powerful and easy to use

Pig toothed fish project group, development, testing and other functional modules have also been modified and optimized to varying degrees. You are welcome to apply for a free trial on the pig toothed fish official website.

Join the live broadcast on the pig toothed fish line and get all the new features right away!

In order to help you quickly understand the new features of this new version, and begin to apply pig toothed fish products in the project to improve team efficiency, we hereby invite you to participate in the online live broadcast of “detailed explanation of new features of pig toothed fish v1.1”.

Live broadcast time: 19:30-21:00, November 18, 2021 (Thursday)

Live address: conference ID 460 991 254)


Cheng Pei

Senior business architect, head of expert group of pig toothed fish R & D department

Chang Zhuang

R & D director of pig toothed fish, founder of pig toothed fish product R & D and technical director of R & D department

Figure: Pig toothed fish v1 1. Detailed explanation of new features

Pig toothed fish efficiency platform v1 1 main new features

1. Add an online work calendar, support local calendar subscriptions such as outlook and Google, and quickly master the work item arrangement

Pig toothed fishShop Calendar Centralize personal work items and work items of different projects in one place in time dimensiononline calendar View work in, so that teams can quickly synchronize work. The work calendar is a powerful tool for the visualization of project work items, which makes the business tasks and project collaboration more transparent and visible, and makes your schedule clear at a glance.

Figure: Pig toothed fish – work calendar

In the previous version, pig toothed fish has provided relevant functions, which can plan the overall plan of the project team and track the overall progress of the project from the perspective of to-do list, Kanban, story map or road map. This pig toothed fish v1 Version 1 goes further and can focus on the things that users need to complete at each time of the day from a personal perspective, including the work items of different projects they participate in, as well as the “work items I handle” and “work items I participate in” in each project, so as to help you find tasks with time conflicts in time and improve work efficiency.

Figure: Pig toothed fish – view work calendar tasks

In addition to viewing work items on pig toothed fish, you can also subscribe your work calendar to local calendar applications such as outlook to better control working hours.

Image: Pig toothed fish – you can subscribe your work calendar to your local outlook

2. Working hours support calendar display and log view, and the work progress is clear at a glance

Enterprise managers pay more and more attention to project cost input and actual profit output,Pig toothed fish man hour calendarHelp enterprise managers clearly and accurately track the working hours of project members,Track employees’ idle time and resource work, managers can easily grasp the work progress of the team, calculate the accurate labor cost and realizeFine management。 In this version, the function of man hour log is added to the original man hour registration function to help enterprise managers view the work items corresponding to man hours.

Figure: Pig toothed fish – man hour calendar

For project team members, in order to avoid forgetting to register working hours, this version adds * * daily work reminder * * to help team members follow up individual work items.

3. The collaboration module optimizes the Gantt chart function to help managers evaluate projects from multiple perspectives

In order to make the Gantt chart more convenient for project plan management, the following functions are added to the Gantt chart in this version:

  • It supports viewing work items of multiple iterations, viewing by sprint view, viewing by epic view, and viewing work item progress from a global perspective and multiple dimensions
  • Support the customization of work item sequence and column fields, and add the system fields “actual start time” and “actual end time” for work item details, so that managers can customize the Gantt chart to view dimensions and quickly evaluate work progress according to team needs
  • The Gantt chart function is also added in the organizational layer of pig toothed fish, which shows resource conflicts, helps managers plan organizational resources reasonably and improves the resource utilization of the organizational team

Figure: Pig toothed fish – Gantt chart

4. Devops adds and optimizes the development, deployment and testing functions, as follows:


  • The new application service module supports the configuration of external gitlab warehouse when creating application services, and supports the batch migration of code warehouse from gitlab group to Choerodon platform,More secure warehouse access
  • Container deployment and host deployment tasks are added in the pipeline module CD phase


  • In order to improve the continuous delivery ability of products, the function of application center is added, centrally view and manage all applications and resources generated after container deployment and host deployment
  • Application center module – host application details. It supports viewing the details of various general processes
  • New support for rapid batch deployment of hzero applications
  • New support for deploying other types of artifacts in the host


  • Cover function test and API test functions to ensure product quality, case library supports batch deletion of test cases;
  • Test plan import case supports filtering according to case priority
  • New API test task orchestration supports adding custom scripts
  • API test tasks are added to support multi-layer directory classification management
  • The API test task configuration global variable supports adding variable descriptions

The above is the pig toothed fish number intelligence efficiency platform v1 1 version of the main features, welcome to visit the official website of pig toothed fish to apply for a free trial.

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