Live broadcast Preview – highlights of NLP in 2020 and outlook for 2021


In the past two years, one of the most concerned models in the field of natural processing is Bert. Major companies and universities have successively released their own pre training language models; In 2020, openai released gpt-3, which is a natural language deep learning model with 175 billion parameters. Its emergence is better than known_“ “NLP model”_ Gpt-2 large_ 100 times, Once the gpt-3 paper was published last May, it caused a sensation in the industry.

In the field of NLP, the knowledge map is also a well-developed branch. In just one year, the maturity of the knowledge map has been improvedThe stage triggered by innovation leaps to the expected peak of expansion and is very close to the highest point

What are the milestones in the field of natural language processing in 2020? What changes should be expected in the technical level represented by gpt-3? Under the popularity, how is the landing status of the pre training model? In which scenarios does the knowledge map have the best landing effect?

20:00 pm this Wednesday (January 20)

Mr. Wu Youzheng, Jingdong technology algorithm scientist and technical directorI will be a guest in the live broadcast room of InfoQ “big talk” and have a chat together2020 milestones and 2021 outlook in NLP field, don’t miss it if you are interested in NLP technology!

Live broadcast outline

Live broadcast Preview - highlights of NLP in 2020 and outlook for 2021

1. Overall changes in natural language processing in 2020

2. Landing status of pre training model

3. Changes in content generation technology brought about by gpt-3

4. The best landing scenario of knowledge map

5. JD’s research and technical practice in NLP field

6. Outlook for 2021 in the field of natural language processing

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