Live app ushers in a peak with goods, how to quickly own its own live app platform?

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Recently, the live broadcast market is booming. After the live broadcast of Li Jiaqi and Weiya, the big men of various companies and groups have also stepped into the field of live broadcasting. Dong Mingzhu’s tiktok and Kwai Shou live show, a 300 million sale, and the smell of childhood, Wahaha’s grandfather Zong Qinghou also launched his first live show. No matter what the war record is, at least we seem to be closer to those who were originally far away. This may be the charm of live broadcasting and the reason why many people like to watch live broadcast.

But it seems that it is not enough to be a spectator. If you want to enter this industry and let your products and products also take advantage of the air outlet of live broadcasting, it seems that the sales mode before the transformation is not available. So how can we quickly have our own live app platform?

If you develop it yourself, the time and labor costs may not be low. If you use the existing brand, it is difficult to connect to your existing system, which is not good for drainage. Is there a good way to do both? If this is the case, consider choosing a mature live app software company to directly use SDK nesting. There are several benefits:

1. Reduce time and labor costs, and go online quickly

2. Reduce the cost of mining pit, there are special technical personnel docking, there are services to get familiar with quickly;

3. Some problems often encountered in live broadcasting have been solved. The mature live broadcast software app development company can also give some reliable suggestions on hardware, so as not to test everything from 0 to reduce the hardware cost.

4. The stability and low delay of the system are guaranteed. Stability is very important for live experience, especially the stability of high concurrency also has high requirements on the system architecture. Low latency is also very important for many seckill activities. After all, sometimes the second kill in the live broadcast room is only a few seconds. If the delay is large, it will greatly affect this link.

The above are some suggestions given by point quantity software based on the experience of live broadcast software app development. If you want to build your own live broadcast platform, you need to carefully consider these aspects.