Linux uses text browser lynx and displays Chinese


Using Fedora, of course, needs to play some cool things. Lnx is a good web browsing tool in the text environment. When the speed is not good, using lynx can reduce the time spent on downloading pictures (because lynx does not download pictures). Okay, let’s put it aside and use it for Chinese users who just use lynx. There will be a confusion: how to use lynx to browse Chinese web pages. Following is the solution that I have sought from top to bottom.

To display Chinese web pages with lynx, we first need to run Chinese terminal. Under X Window, we use CXTERM or rxvt as Chinese terminal. In text environment, we use zhcon as Chinese terminal.

The following steps are described.

1. Download

Enter Yum install zhcon in root mode

2. Set lynx and use VI to modify / etc / lynx. cfg. The modification parameters are indicated in green in the following figure:

3. Enter the text environment and use Ctrl + Alt + F2 in Fedora

Enter username, password, complete login

Run the Chinese terminal and enter the command zhcon

[[email protected] ~]$ zhcon

4. Run Lynx

5.Enjoy your self