Linux transfer file command RZ and sz


1、 Overview

RZ, SZ are the command line tools for zmodem file transfer between Linux / Unix and windows.

The advantage is that there is no need to open a SFTP tool to log in to upload and download files.

Zmodem protocol is an error checking protocol for modem. Using zmodem protocol, 512 byte data block can be sent on modem. If an error occurs in a block, the receiver will send a “deny” response, so the block will be retransmitted. It is an enhanced form of XMODEM file transfer protocol. It can not only transfer larger data, but also has lower error rate. It includes a feature called checkpoint restart, which can resume transmission from the breakpoint rather than from the beginning if the communication link is interrupted during data transmission.

2、 Related commands

1. [installation command]:yum install lrzsz

2. [upload file from window to Linux], a window will pop up, select the file to upload, and command RZ

3. View the uploaded files. It is under the current user folder by default. I am the root user

4. [download files from Linux to window] and command SZ filename. The window window will pop up and select the download storage address


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