Linux system upload and download commands RZ and SZ tutorials


(1) Summary of installation methods

1. Installation method (recommended)

yum install lrzsz -y

2. Select the “Dialup Networking Support” package when installing Linux system

3. Implement Yum direct installation package after installation system networking start-up

yum groupinstall "Dialup Networking Support" -y

(2) Upload and download file test

1. Conditions: You need to use client tools such as SecureCRT or Xshell to connect to Linux

2. Upload and download command test

1) Upload (rz)

Run the RZ command on the client SSH command line, as follows:

After execution, a selection window for uploading files will pop up. You can choose to upload related files (direct upload directory is not supported).

Tip: You can use rz-y to override the upload, and the default directory of the upload window can be set in the SSH client.

2) Download (sz)

Szfilename can be used directly for downloading, where filename is the name of the file you want to download. If it is a directory, it needs to be packaged into a single file for downloading.

[[email protected] ~]# sz oldboy.txt  #<==oldboy.txtTo exist, it can be a relative path or an absolute path.

SecureCRT is the upload/download directory in the installation directory by default, and can be modified by itself. XShell is set in file – > attribute – > file transfer, and the default is to ask before downloading.

(3) XShell Special Upload Method

Drag the file directly into the XShell command line window.

(4) pits uploaded by RZ

Don’t tick the contents of the following picture, otherwise the uploaded files will have problems.

(5) More uploading methods

1. SFTP (function)

2. Winscp tools. _

3. There are more ways.


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