Linux Sybase installation process (written for beginners)


In fact, to download, just like Oracle website, you should also register an SDN account on Sybase website. Its website is:

Then, log in and there is a database management in the middle of the page. The first item below is adaptive server enterprise, which is the full name of ASE. Click this link and select the first result:
Adaptive Server Enterprise Evaluation Options
Find different ways to evaluate Sybase ASE.
The following appears:
Adaptive Server Enterprise Evaluation Options
We select devleloper edition and the following link appears:
To register and download images, please proceed to the download page.
Register and Download Now!
Need assistance with your ASE 15 Migration
Then click Register and download. There are two check boxes: whether to agree to use the statement or not.
Then you will be asked to fill out a form. Fill in all the required items. The provinces above can not be selected.
On the last page, there is a prompt download page, as shown below:
Select the version you want, select the Windows version under windows, and select x86 Linux server for 32-bit Linux.
After downloading, unzip and install.
Of course, Linux has some preparatory work. There are mainly two versions of Linux Certified by ASE, one is suse9 0 Enterprise Edition and RedHat 3.0 or 4.0 Enterprise Edition.
For most Linux versions, the operating system shared memory defaults to 32MB. For a default server with 2K pages, adaptive server requires a minimum operating system shared memory of 64MB. If you plan to increase the total memory of adaptive server,
A higher value is required.
Use the sysctl (8) method to check and adjust the operating system shared memory parameters.
To check the current shared memory size, enter:
# /sbin/sysctl kernel.shmmax
To adjust the shared memory size, enter:
# /sbin/sysctl -w kernel.shmmax=nnn
Where NNN is the new size in bytes (at least 64MB, i.e. 67108864)
Bytes). To ensure that the set value is applied every time the system is started, add the above command line
To / etc / RC d/rc. Local file. On SUSE systems, the file is
14 running on multiple engines on Linux RHEL update 3.0 and later
Adaptive server version 15.0 requires the security feature exec shield to be disabled.
Disable exec shield:
A in / etc / sysctl Add the following line to conf:
B enter as superuser:
/sbin/sysctl -P
For the operation to take effect.
For additional information, see at
Red hat web site.
If the server restart fails after adjusting SHMMAX parameters, you may need to add another parameter
A value of the kernel parameter shmall, which is the maximum amount of shared memory that can be allocated. his
The values are in the file / proc / sys / kernel / shmall. This task requires root permission.
My test machine has 4G memory, so several values are turned on relatively large:
kernel.core_uses_pid = 1
net.ipv4.ip_local_port_range=32768 65000
Created a directory / testarea / ase1502dev dedicated to installing the ASE database.
In the extracted directory / testarea / install / ase1502_ Under dev, run setup in Gui mode:

Go all the way. Select full installation. Until completed.
The purpose of writing this essay is to make it easy for everyone to access the Sybase ASE database. It can be reinstalled repeatedly. During the use period, all functions can be used, which provides convenience for learning. The development version does not need a license and is valid for 2 months. Once the time passes, you can reinstall it and learn again.

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