Linux search Tomcat log keyword command


#Inquiry catalina.out The key words in the log file are the log information of 11:26:00 on April 13, 2016

grep -C 10 ‘2016-04-13 11:26:00’ catalina.out |more


Grep: query, filter

-C: The – A, – B, – C options of grep can display the following, front, and front lines of the matching line

10: How many lines are there before and after

‘2016-04-13 11:26:00’: key words, please note that they are wrapped in single quotation marks

catalina.out : the retrieved file can be a directory/

|More: This is viewed in the form of pagination. The whole screen is too much to read. You need to calm down slowly to see the problem bit by bit. Just like this article, you must calm down and gently praise before you go.

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