Linux operation and maintenance practice — how to delete garbled files using file nodes



In Linux system, the RM [filename] command can be used to delete files. However, the names of files or folders automatically generated by some systems or programs are garbled.

Although some files / folders can be deleted by copying and pasting names, some files still cannot be deleted in this way

I found a reliable way to find / delete these files by comparing their names.

1. View file node
ls -i

Lists all files in the current directory and their file node information


2. Find the file node corresponding to the file to be deleted
3. Delete command
find ./ -inum 123456 -exec rm -rf {} \;

Note here: there must be a space before and after {and whether it is \ or not/

Give a} counterexample:

He finally used /, resulting in an error in the execution: find: missing argument to ` – exec ‘

Just take a warning


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