Linux finds all files with a character in the folder


The Linux grep command is used to find strings that match the conditions in the file. The grep instruction is used to find a file whose content contains the specified template style. If the content of a file is found to conform to the specified template style, the default grep instruction will display the column containing the template style. If no file name is specified, or if the given file name is – the grep instruction reads data from the standard input device.

Standard format:

grep -r string ./


grep -r message ./

Example explanation: recursively find the file containing the string message in the current directory

More about:

-R is recursive search

-N is the display line number

-R find all files including subdirectories

-I ignore case

—Xargs with grep search

find -type f -name '*.php'|xargs grep 'message'

Knowledge point expansion:

Linux looks up whether all files in the directory contain a string


-R is recursive search

-N is the display line number

*: indicates all files in the current directory, or a file name.


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