Linux disk usage reaches the threshold alarm email reminder


If a large number of logs are written or a large file occupies the disk, the application will crash. For this problem, we can use a simple shell to realize the function of e-mail reminder when the disk utilization rate is close to the threshold.

Environmental Science

  • Ubuntu 16.04

mail serve

Install heirloom mailx

sudo apt-get install heirloom-mailx

Configure SMTP

vi /etc/s- nail.rc  (or nail.rc )

According to the corresponding mailbox service configuration,passwordAuthorization code is generally used

// s-nail.rc set from="[email protected]" set smtp="" set smtp-auth-user="[email protected]" set smtp-auth-password="xxx" set smtp-auth=login

Test whether the transmission is successful

Echo date "email content" | heirloom mailx - vs "title" [email protected]

Shell script

Create, if/dev/sda1If the disk partition utilization rate exceeds 85%, an email reminder will be sent.

// disk-space-  dev_ sda1=`df -h | sed -n '4p' | awk '{print $5}' | cut -f 1 -d '%'` if         ((dev_ Sda1 > 85); then echo "VM server dev"_ SHA1 disk usage exceeds threshold "| heirloom mailx - vs" > server alert notification“ [email protected]  fi

Simply explain the code

This command is mainly used

df -h | sed -n '4p' | awk '{print $5}' | cut -f 1 -d '%'

df -hView disk occupancy

File system capacity used up% mount point udev 1.9g 0 1.9g 0% / dev TMPFS 393m 41m 352m 11% / run / dev / sda1 29g 23g 4.6g 84% / TMPFS 2.0g 10m 2.0g 1% / dev / SHM TMPFS 5.0m 4.0k 5.0m 1% / run / lock TMPFS 2.0g 0 2.0g 0% / sys / Fs / CGroup

In the end, we’re going to get it/dev/sda1Value of used rate of84

  • sed -n '4p'output/dev/sda1Bank
  • awk '{print $5}'Get used rate84%
  • cut -f 1 -d '%'Cut off%

Timed task

Add the shell that detects the disk utilization rate to the timing task and execute it once in a specified period of time

// crontab -e  */10 * * * * /bin/bash /home/ghost/

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