Linux configuration SSH and xshell connect server tutorial (illustration)


>>>>>Installation and configuration of SSH in Ubuntu

SSH is divided into client openssh client and server openssh server. You can use the following command to confirm the computer

Whether the client and server are installed on. If you just want to log on to other machines remotely, you only need to install the client

(the client is installed by default in Ubuntu). If you want to use SSH service on this machine, you need to install the server.

First of all, confirm whether ssh server has been started. The following is it.

~$ dpkg -l | grep ssh


~$ sudo apt install openssh-client

~$ sudo apt install openssh-server

Copy codeThe code is as follows:

>>>>>>>>SSH of xshell start server

Installation of remote landing xshell in winXShell

ifconfigYou can view / configure the current network card configuration information of the computer.

#View the IP address and user name of the server corresponding to the network card

$ ifconfig | grep inet

For remote login and copying files, we need to enter xshell and input commands.

First, log in to xshell, create a new session, and click Connect.

Enter the login server IP, port 22 (default), and select the Protocol SSH. Then confirm and connect,

Finally, enter the user name and password.

Click connect or open the session, the following situation appears, indicating that the information is correct.

Simple use of SSH client in xshell software

Password login is very simple. You only need one command. The command format is: SSH [- P port] server name @ server IP,

Port is 22 by default, otherwise – P port should be added to input information according to the process.

~$ ssh [email protected]


The first login requires a user name and password


Check whether the information is connected and enter the server.


The above is a small series to introduce the Linux configuration SSH and xshell server tutorial, I hope to help you!

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