Linux command to create a date folder or file instance code


Touch command: to create a file MKDIR command: to create a folder date command: get system time about date get system time option

  • %Y: Year
  • %m: Month
  • %d: Japan
  • %H: Hours
  • %M: Minutes
  • %S: Second

Example 1:

create folder

MKDIR date +% Y% m% d generate folder format yyyymmdd
[[email protected] data]$ mkdir date +%Y%m%d
[[email protected] data]$ ls
MKDIR date +% Y -% m -% d generate folder format yyyy MM DD
[[email protected] data]$ mkdir date +%Y%m%d
[[email protected] data]$ ls
MKDIR date +% Y% m% d% H% m% s generate folder format yyyymmddhhmmss
[[email protected] data]$ mkdir date +%Y%m%d%H%M%s
[[email protected] data]$ ls

create a file

Touch date +% Y% m% d file format: yyyymmdd
Touch date +% Y -% m -% d file format: yyyy MM DD

If the creation date format is yyyy MM DD, you can use% F to simplify it

mkdir date +%F
[[email protected] data]$ mkdir date +%F
[[email protected] data]$ ls

Example 2:

Designated date folder cqs-2019-07-24

[[email protected] data]$ mkdir cqs-date +%F
[[email protected] data]$ ls

Note: back quotation mark is used for date, and space is used between date and + sign


The above is a small series of Linux commands to create a date folder or file instance code, I hope to help you!

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