Linux (CentOS 7) installation and configuration redis


Linux (CentOS 7) installation and configuration redis


1. Download reids (official website: , Chinese website: )



I downloaded version 5.0.8


Step 2: installation

  1. Unzip (to opt directory)


tar -zxvf redis-5.0.8.tar.gz -C /opt


2. Check the environment (installation of redis depends on the GCC gcc-c + + environment)

Check out the GCC gcc-c + + environment first

rpm -q gcc
rpm -q gcc-c++

Unload (... On behalf of you)
rpm -e gcc...
rpm -e gcc-c++...

yum -y install gcc
Yum - y install gcc-c + + note: if you have redis version 6.0 or above, upgrade GCC and gcc-c + + environment to gcc9




3. Installation




make && make install


4. Configuration environment


This is the configuration file of redis. We copy it and modify it



Go to this directory and create a new folder



Modify this file







Find this and change to yes to save and exit

5. Start redis

redis-server config/ redis.conf     Start redis according to the specified configuration file

Redis cli - P 6379 through port 6379




Close exit




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